Gerson-brand products are well known and trusted throughout the world.

The Louis M. Gerson Co., Inc. has been in business since 1956. Family-owned and operated, Gerson is committed to producing the highest quality products at exceptional value.

From air-purifying respirators, to liquid filters for cleaning paints and solvents, to adhesively-treated cleaning or tack cloths for removal of surface particulates, each Gerson® product has been engineered and manufactured to provide top performance and deliver user value.

Gerson is a prime manufacturer of its principle products, assuring that each product is produced to our unique and exacting specifications. For example, melt-blown filter material for particulate filtration, manufactured in Middleboro, Massachusetts, provides outstanding filtration characteristics for our filtering facepiece respirators and “prefilters” for chemical cartridges.

To assure the highest quality and purity of products as well as user value, all manufacturing in our USA facility is automated, utilizing proprietary equipment of our own design and manufacture.

We also utilize overseas assembly operations, again using Gerson-owned and designed equipment, to remain globally competitive.

The Gerson spirit of over 50 years of manufacturing and product innovation remains strong. Continually developing new technologies to keep us on the cutting edge of progressive product development and innovation, Gerson is ready to serve your needs.

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