Pro Spray


Born in Cambridgeshire, Pro-Spray was founded on the principles of European automotive refinishing technology. The story began when CCL (Cambridgeshire Coatings Limited) partnered with the world’s foremost pigment and resin manufacturers. What was the goal? To create one of the most comprehensive refinish coatings systems in the industry. To create a refinishing system that offered European quality and color match at an incredible price.

This was no simple task. But creators knew the industry was ready for a change.

Premium exclusive European resins became the backbone of the Pro-Spray primers and clears. And creators spend years researching, formulating, testing and reformulating products in their labs. If the product didn’t perform under our stringent parameters, it was scrapped.

In color creation, CCL laboratories utilized robotic application and in-depth computer analysis to evaluate color palettes and their expected performance to create a competitive benchmark. Once CCL established the benchmark and color profile, laboratories created a color system and database that raised the level of what you can expect from color formulations and ultimately color match.

The result was Pro-Spray European Automotive Finishes – A European coatings system that delivers a complete, versatile and high performance intermix color system supported by a full range of products. In 2003, U.S. Chemical & Plastics, a division of Alco Industries, acquired CCL. Today Pro-Spray is used in body shops worldwide and continues to deliver the ultimate in European color, coatings and technology so that shops can deliver the results.

On May 27, 2015, Valspar Corporation signed an agreement to purchase Quest Automotive Products. The Quest Automotive portfolio of products will strengthen Valspar Automotive’s value proposition by offering expanded distribution, stronger service network, and a broader portfolio of preferred brands.

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